Debatable State of Mind

“Perfectly Confused at the moment” .

How can one be perfectly confused? Even if one is perfectly confused, how does that last only for a moment. When I’m confused about something I take hours to figure out the source of my confusion to start with and then I sit and ponder over it until something distracts me, leaving the source of my problem not thoroughly pondered over, thereby increasing my confusion the next time the problem is approached or slammed into my face because I know I thought about it but I’m not sure where I’m at with the problem so basically I’ve just got to start from square one. And it’s not like I’m confused about just one thing. It’s more like I’m confused about one thing that leads to ten other different things.

In that rare moment where I do realize that one thought leads to ten other thoughts, I don’t try to go back to the initial thought, no, no,  I just sit there and be philosophical about the workings of the human brain. It’s hard enough being an indecisive person and then there’s this.


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