The Brain Works

Disclaimer- This is literally how my thoughts shift from one topic to the other. This has no coherent flow so just go with it.

There is no moral to this stream of thought as this is what I used to do in school when I felt a little out of step 😛


I want to be a nerd, but I don’t want to necessarily study for that. I mean you don’t need to study to be a nerd right? You just need to read loads of books, and BAM! You are a nerd my son 😀 Congratulations, you are officially smarter than the rest of the world (which in my case consists of only humans, since animals, as I believe, have knowledge far beyond our human grasp).

But being a nerd satisfies about only one person, that is the nerd himself. Its like the nerd law or something. Unless you find a compatible nerd to go along with you. But those chances are like really slim, like slimmer than size zero. (Zero is not a size.)

Speaking of numbers, here’s the epiphany I had in math class one time – I believe that if humans are racist then numbers are racist too, except here the numbers discriminate based on the value the other numbers hold. So in the number world the worst thing you could be is the number zero. That’s what seven said. Just kidding, numbers don’t talk. But as my awesome friend kindly pointed out the genius fact that if numbers did talk, we wouldn’t be having so many problems with math as a subject :O

The numbers would figure it all out themselves!!! Man that’s an awesome dream to have for a kid like me.

And speaking of Racism, racially I feel very pressurized to be good at math. Actually, not at all, but just think, an Indian kid who doesn’t do math, who hates it, who can’t actually use his brain to decide which alphabet hates which number and the mass of the sun at the same time. He’s surrounded by these American kids lets say and they all are getting it and he’s sitting there being like what?

Now picture the same situation in which, the Indian kid is surrounded by Indian kids in India, and his teacher goes like, “Child, you born in this country and you can’t do math? What’s wrong with you ?”

Not saying that this actually happens but I hope you’re getting the gist. I really am mentally exhausted from pretending to actually be smart. I personally think it’s a talent that only true show offs possess 😀 Or really good impersonators !


One comment

  1. fictionlimbo · December 16, 2014

    Lol…awesome…sometimes my brain works like that too…:)


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